Who’s Building Your Life?

Except the Lord build the marriage, family, homeschool, friendship, etc., they labour in vain that build it. We may be able to come up with a weak version of those things on our own (though God is the One Who, ultimately, gives us the physical power to even do things “on our own”), but we can never expect to have a strong, built-on-rock anything in life if God doesn’t build it Himself!

Surrendering our plans to the Lord can be oh, so hard; and yet oh, so rewarding! As prideful, sinful, human beings, we often think we know better and have a better plan. Do you know what we’re really saying when we think that, though? “My plan is better…than God’s plan.” Ouch! God created the universe by speaking, and yet how often do we lose sight of that fact and think we have a better plan for our lives?

There have been times in my life I’ve thought I’ve had the perfect plan…and then God says, “No.” “What do you mean, God?” I ask. “My plan is a good, Godly plan! Why would You say ‘No’ to that?!?” I’ve come to realize, though, when God says “No” to something, that means He, in His ultimate wisdom, has something He knows is better for me in the future. He foresees things we, in our limited knowledge, cannot foresee. Now, that doesn’t mean the “something better” just appears the next day…it often involves patience and trust. As I heard it said one time, “It’s worth it to be patient! Patience isn’t waiting for a deadline to arrive. Patience is taking action toward God’s will without giving Him a deadline to fulfill it, and resting in that!” Those words are so true, but are still hard to implement sometimes. Let’s pray God will give us grace to trust that His ways are best!

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