What Is The Unborn?

This past Friday morning, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “…American women today have less freedom than their mothers…”

If you define freedom as the ability to legally kill a human being, then I guess you would think the women of today have less freedom than their mothers had. Let’s phrase this with the proper wording, “If I would have only killed my baby on June 23rd, it would have been legal, but now that it’s June 24th, in my state I can no longer, legally, kill my baby.” When you put it that way, it sounds a lot more gruesome, right? I don’t know of any people who would go around saying, “I wouldn’t kill my precious baby, but it’s their choice as to whether or not they want to kill their precious baby”, so we’ve had to come up with another word that sounds nicer than “killing a baby”…that word is abortion.

The whole argument really centers around one question:
“What is the unborn?”

Are the unborn miniature human beings, or are they clumps of cells? If the unborn were just clumps of cells, there would be no problem with removing a clump of cells from a woman’s body. As they say, “There’s a reason we don’t have root canal support groups.” 😄 Why? While the tooth which was removed is of value to the body collectively, it is not a person with unique DNA, and therefore, does not have intrinsic value. Removing a tooth is of no great significance.
If the unborn were a human being, though, and given a soul by the Creator of the universe, there is a problem when we decide to take matters into our own hands and decide whether or not that life God created lives or dies.

From the moment of conception, the unborn is a unique human being.

At the moment of fertilization, when the baby is smaller than a grain of sugar, all inherited features of that miniature human being are already set, including their gender, eye color, hair color, and even the cleft of their chin!

By about Day 17, the future sex cells that will give rise to sperm or eggs for a new generation begin to group together. By 21 Days, their tiny, little heart is beating, and a few days after they reach 6 Weeks, 99% of their muscles are present. By 8 Weeks, all organs of an adult are present in their tiny, little body. Notice, all these things have already happened weeks before the end of the First Trimester. In fact, many of these major milestones have happened before a woman even finds out she’s pregnant!

As you can see, the unborn is a unique human being fashioned by the hands of the Master Creator.

This ruling has nothing to do with care after a natural miscarriage, nor does it have to do with care needed with a medical emergency, such as an ectopic pregnancy. Cases of rape and incest are absolutely, positively terrible, yet many women find giving birth to their baby conceived through those evil acts actually brings healing and a bright spot to an otherwise terrible situation. If you have been the victim of such a terrible act, I am so very, very sorry you had to endure being used at the hands of someone who did not view you as the beautiful creation of God you are. Please remember, though, that baby is YOUR baby…they are half of you. You are their Mommy. Tragically, you weren’t protected from the evil that created your baby, but you now have the opportunity to protect your baby who could, otherwise, be a victim, too.

Life is not ours to take.

If you are pregnant and scared, please click here to find a pregnancy help center near you. They are ready and waiting to help you absolutely free of charge, and can provide an ultrasound, diapers, clothes, and other baby care items (even nursery furniture!), referrals for healthcare, adoption information, and so much more! ❤️

In closing, I must say I’ve never been invited to a “clump of cells” shower. I have been invited to baby showers, though. 😊 We do not get to decide the definition of truth. We can’t say it’s a baby if we want it and then say it’s a clump of cells if we don’t want it. Truth is truth…no matter the circumstances.

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