Below I have listed some of my favorite resources, ranging from homeschool curriculum, to must-reads,
to even some household products I recommend.

(Please understand that I may not endorse every word in every book or video I have recommended, or every, single view espoused by the listed ministries. That said, these items/ministries have been a blessing to me, and I hope they may be to you, as well! As always, please be like the Beareans in the Bible and compare everything you read, watch, etc. to God’s Word (Acts 17:11)!
It doesn’t matter who says it, if it doesn’t match up with what God says, it’s not worth listening to. 🙂)



Homeschool Summits

Teach Them Diligently

Tomorrow’s Forefather’s, Inc.

Scripture Memory Fellowship

Church & Family Life

Family Conferences

Journey to the Heart